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How we feed the Clynalwin Crew

I thought it only right to dedicate a page on the website to feeding, my thoughts and reasons as to why i feed the Clynalwin dogs on a RAW (BARF) DIET.

This way of feeding goes against all my formal training as a Veterinary Nurse, but after much contemplation i decided to go for 'the full raw'  in 2009.

 The dogs looked 'ok' on a combination of complete dry foods and raw meat, but occasional sloppy poo's and concerns over the quantity i had to feed verses the amount of faeces produced, along with the unknown additives in complete diets compelled me to make the switch.   The dogs have a varied diet to make it complete but its complete over a ' several week period'  very similar to our own and therefore i believe less likely to overwork certain organs in the dogs body as it digests and absorbs the nutrients from the food.
 The dogs enjoy fresh 'pulped'  vegetables and fruit daily,  once a week a raw egg, natural yogurt and cottage cheese.

All the meat is all RAW and comprises of Chicken Wings,  Chicken Carcases, and Chicken Necks. This forms the main part of the diet.   We also give green tripe, oily fish, rabbit, venison, pheasant,  best minced beef, lamb, chicken mince and small amounts of liver, kidney and heart. The dogs also have free access to raw meaty pork bones and meaty lamb bones.    
We mince our own puppy food so ensuring from the first mouthful our babies get the very best and we know exactly what they are eating.

Making the decision to switch to RAW feeding isn't to be made lightly and anyone wishing to do so needs to be fully aware of the pro's and con's.


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For those interested ....

Our plans for the future are to continue feeding a RAW diet to the Clynalwin Dogs. Our puppies will be raised on a RAW diet although we will not insist a new owner continues feeding raw although if a new owner wishes to continue on the RAW diet, full support will be provided.