Crufts 2011 Judge Gary Gray

GCB (6) 1 Dennett’s Clynalwin Dee, b/g, top size, medium strong female, correct proportions height to length, full dentition, correct head & feminine expression, light eye, correct ear placement, strong neck of good length into well laid shoulders and steep upper arm of good length, correct length of foreleg, strong pasterns & spread feet, correct hindquarters with good width of thigh & strong hocks, good height at wither, strong topline but tended to drop away too much, into steep but well moulded croup & rooting tailset. Correct depth of brisket & good underline, sound both ways with steady side gait showing fair reach & good drive, retained topline on the move. Not in full bloom. Well handled;


1st Open Dog/Bitch Good quality, liked for size shape and construction. Plenty of neck into strong topline. Good depth of chest and spring of rib, short strong loin. Has good lengths to skull and muzzle, well set and used ears, eyes could be slightly darker. Sound keeping shape and balance on the move. BEST OF BREED

Judge : Marion Hodgson.

Isle of Eley Show


Post Grad Bitch

3rd - 2 1/2 years Black/Gold. Excellent pigmented female who is just above Medium size and very good strength.

very correct backline and good length and lay of croup. she has very good angles front and rear,correct proportions and a nice picture in stance.Dee moves very well and just about holds on to her wither.she is also an excellent female and sound both ways.this was a good class

Judge Terry Hannon

Derbyshire GSD Open Show 1st Aug 09

Limit Bitch

1) Dennett's Clynalwin Dee, 2 years, this one caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring, right size, feminine in head, great condition, super side gait, sound coming and going. Best Bitch and Best of Breed.

Mr Wyn Howells.