Crufts 2011 Judge : Mr Gary Gray

PGD 2 Dennett’s Clynalwin’s Giovanni, b/rich gold, over medium size, strong male of good quality & type, correct proportions height to length, slightly longer cast than 1. Full dentition, good head & masculine expression, nice dark eye, correct ear placement, strong neck of good length into well laid shoulders & slightly short but correct angled upper arm, good length of foreleg, strong pasterns & good feet, correct hindquarters with good width of thigh & strong hocks, good height at wither, strong topline into long but well moulded croup & tailset, correct depth of brisket & good underline. He was close but sound both ways with good side gait showing fair reach & good drive, held topline on the move. In good coat & condition, well handled;

City of Birmingham Champ Show 2010

Graduate Dog

1st Dennett’s Clynalwin’s Giovanni b/g, top size, masculine head, dark eye, very good front, well defined withers, firm topline, excellent rear angles, moved very soundly. Tended to fly his tail, but once settled it dropped. Very Sound Mover.

Mark Beardow

SATS Championship Show 2010


1. Dennett's Clynalwin's Giovanni. 23months old, rich gold and black dog of gentlemanly demeanour. Teeth correct with a good head and eye. Correct shoulder placement. Good topline, croup and tail set. Strong angulated hindquarters with sound hocks at rear. Correct when viewed from the front with good feet and correctly angled pasterns, all leading to sound movement with good side action and extension, enabling him to cover the ground with ease. Turned out in good condition and with a nice coat.

Paula Yates

Crufts 2010

Yearling Dog  (15 in Class)

1) Dennett’s Clynalwins Giovanni, winner of a very good class, shown in excellent condition, top size, super head, dark eye, correct front assembly, correct feet, good angled pasterns, firm topline, rear angulation very good, sound both ways, very good forward reach in gait. A mature dog for his age


  Bob Kinsey

Derbyshire GSD Open Show 1st Aug 09

Junior Dog

1) Dennett's Clynalwin's Giovanni, 12 months, good B/G, promising masculine head with correct earset, excellent shape, well angulated with correct tailset, moved with reach and drive.

 Wyn Howells


Birmingham National Championship Show  09

Puppy Dog

2nd Dennett Clynalwins Giovanni, not the height of winner but is of strong build and very good static balance, firm clean backline and croup, muscular rear, firm hocks, chest is deep, spring of rib good, full in front, forehand good angulations, masculine in head type, good skull, strong foreface, bite correct, deep chinline, firm ears, dark eyes, good gait with forward reach and driving rear, good puppy, rich colours.

 John McManus

German Shepherd Dog

Junior { 2}

1st ~ Ms Dennett’s ~Clynalwins Giovanni ~ As soon as he entered the ring his size & masculinity caught my eye. I hope he does not grow too much more as he is close to the top end of the height & only 10 � months old. His head was good & strong showing his gender but full of intelligence & very alert, ears need to strengthen but this will come. Good bite, lovely reach of neck set on well sloping shoulders good upper fore arm giving good reach when on the move. His movement in profile was good & strong but will tighten from front & behind with age as his muscle develop. He has plenty substance in bone but needs to muscle up but at this tender age care must be taken when doing this he is of such quality rarely seen these days I would love to see him at 2 or 3 years of age .{B.P , B.O.B, Pastoral Group 4, Puppy Group 1}.

J Reid (Catchwell)