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German Shepherd Dogs

The Clynalwin Dogs

Temperament is paramount at Clynalwin.

Our dogs are first and foremost family pets, they live along side us in the home. They are not kennelled.  They live as a family group and enjoy daily walks and sleeping on the sofa !  We have a dedicated exercise area at home, which is covered over so they can still enjoy the fresh air even if our weather isn’t so good.

We do not breed often, at the maximum one litter a year, our girls will only have a maximum of 4 litters in there lifetime, then are spayed so they can enjoy the rest of there life without coming into season.  Unlike some breeders, we will never move an older female onto a new home after her breeding days have finished.  

Zentrum’s Yanka at

Clynalwin  JW, ShCM  1CC


Clynalwin’s Kayson

Clynalwin’s Leski

Taking Clynalwin forward into 2019 -Team Clynalwin with our good friends Susan and Tony Kearnan

From where we came from

V Clynalwin’s Jaeger

Owned by Amanda Fryer

Clynalwin’s Ironie

Owned by Paul & Deby Bradbury

Clynalwin’s Larissa

Owned by Lisa Mealand

Clynalwin’s Ikasso

Owned by Deborah Griffiths

Qualcroft Acrasia at Clynalwin

Clynalwin Dee.

Clynalwin’s Giovanni

Clynalwin’s Genista

Clynalwin’s Imara

Bred by us, owned by others