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Clynalwin’s Genista

Nista ‘Noo noo’   

Sire :CH Iolanda Bugatti at Sarocal ShCM

                                             3CC 2Rcc

Dam : Qualcroft Acrasia at Clynalwin

BVA / KC Hips 3:5

BVA / KC Elbows 0:0

Multiple Championship Show Winner

‘Nista’ is owned in Partnership with Jane Chadwick and lives with her half brother ‘Tye’, again she is a pet first and foremost, she lives in the home along with Jane, Rob, Lindsey and Steph. Nista has an excellent temperament.

Nista has only been lightly shown, but has excelled herself each time.

Her continued success resulted in her being awarded JT 7th Top Puppy Bitch in the UK 2009. Jaquenetta.

Nista has qualified for Crufts  2010.

 Show Critiques
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Photo at 10 weeks showing her early promise